60 minutes

This is how much the game takes on average. Or maybe you can break the record?

1 or 2 players

You can play alone or invite someone to cooperate

Escape room on-line

Try something new without leaving your home

Our adventure

Save your honor!

Unexpectedly, your compromising photos fell into the wrong hands ... the hands of a blackmailer! You have to do whatever you can to get them back before the entire internet sees them!


  • You start at any time
  • The game will last approximately 60 minutes
  • Play alone or invite someone to cooperate
  • Don't worry if you get stuck during the game - you'll be able to use the tips

difficulty: 7/10

The game requires logical thinking and cleverness.


You must have a Facebook and Instagram account (why?)


You need a laptop or PC and a telephone with internet.

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Ticket blackmailer.net

  • one ticket for one game is enough (1 or 2 people next to each other)
  • start the game at any time
  • the code is valid for 1 month
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2xTicket blackmailer.net

  • race with your friends!
  • start the game at the same time and race!
  • codes are valid for 1 month
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What others are saying


"Extremely fun gameplay, and we even hit the TOP 10:>"


"Cool script and the performance is really great, I recommend it!"


"I am a fan of escape rooms and it definitely provides the same emotions ... from home!"

Do you want to know more?


You can expect something comparable to the Escape Room, but on slightly different principles (for the inquisitive: Notprons).
The game starts as soon as you enter the start code and read the rules. From that moment on, you are drawn into the adventure and can use whatever you have at your disposal to solve new puzzles.
The game's narrative will guide you / you step by step through all its stages.

The more "literal" you take this adventure - the better your game will do! Don't be afraid to mix and use the internet!
You must have an account on Facebook and Instagram but we do not require registration or login via Facebook / Instagram to our system at any time during the game. These networks may (but do not have to) have some tips that may (but do not have to) be helpful.
This is a good question :)
We do what we can to make it so and the surveys show that for every 10 people - 9 think that they had a good time.
We hope you will be among the 9!
There is nothing to do with violence, profanity or nudity during the game - kids from 12-13 years old can easily assist adults in the game.
At any time, you will be able to ask for a hint from the Game Panel (which you will gain access to after starting the game). It will cost you +4 minutes to game time.
You have 2 options:
  • You can play as part of one team (one game code) and the person who starts the game should share the screen with the other person. We note that the "helping" person will have a slightly worse impression of the whole game.
  • Better - you can play separately and race who will come to the solution faster! You just need to start at the same time.



If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to: contact@blackmailer.net